Accueil Video Humour GHANI MAHDI ON PERISCOPE#23/02/2016#





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  1. غاني مهدي مواطن صالح وموهوب ..أقسم بالله العلي العظيم مكرهت خويا مهدي تكون مغربي .ولكن الله كيعطي الفول غير لمعندو ضراس .بارك الله فيك وكثر من أمثالك الصالحين

  2. khoti kain bzzzaf li rahom ysa9sio 3la periscope bon hia application tatla3 ghir f l anderoid tal3ha facille mn ply store wli 7ab yekhdam biha f l pc lazam ytala3 logiciel ta3 l anderoid bach ya9dar ytl3ha w had l application ta3 periscope rahi jdida w dira 7ala f l europe …….. (y)

  3. salam khouna ,c est rarement que je voit tes videos ,mais je te dit chapeau et brave 3lik ,,j ai une seul demande a vous yarham echwabin ne repond pas a rafaa ca sera un suicide et une bassaisse de niveau ,ce larbin manipulateur est 1 danger de la nation menteur ca merite meme pas de lire ces comment ni lui repondre ,,,AYA ATHALA FI ROHAK

  4. أنت شخص محترم أحترم أفكارك و لكن نريدك أن تعطينا أفكارا و نصائح لما نستطيع فعله لإيقاف النضام الفاسد

  5. Algeria saw and witnessed horrible tragedies during the French occupation and then the Algerian saw and witnessed terrible atrocities by the army elite orders. As I said hundred of times : Abdelaziz Bouteflika is half dead and he is finished politically. Having his brother and the generals ruling Algeria is a real tyranny. Yeah we all know that Abdelaziz Bouteflika was chosen by the generals and not by the Algerian people. The members of parliament and the senate were chosen by bribes, favoritism and patronage….etc. Algeria needs fair, free and transparent elections to choose the political representatives. Iran is paying people all around the world including North Africa to be Shiites. Iran is an enemy of all the Sunnites. The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is young and millions of young people voted for him. He is a very nice man BUT I disagree with him on two issues: A: he supports the same sex marriage and I am against. B; He is going to legalize Marijuana and I see this move as a very destructive move because too many people were destroyed by different drugs and obviously Marijuana is a drug and addictive too. For the US politics, I followed all the presidential candidates: from Republicans to Democrats, from Green party to the rest of them and I came to the conclusion that: Senator Bernie Sanders is the best for the US and the world. Have an excellent day and may Allah change the Algerian regime very, very and very soon.

  6. يا النقش يا ولد القحبة يا ولد الحركي يا الكلب يا الرخيس يا العميل يا بواس اليدين راك مذلول وراح تبقى عايش طول حياتك مذلول وراح انيكولك حتشون يماك في الجزائر او في لندن مسألة زمن فقط

  7. bravooooooooooooo mec les vrais homme et stp ne repond pas sur sur les video de rafaa ne te baisse pas a ce niveaux si bas ignior le et merci,fakakir la noubaaaaaaa3ou wa la nouchtaraaaaaaaaaaaaaa bel ilbalayir pas seulement bel malayire

  8. : غاني مهدي ادا كنت راجل جاوب على هدا السؤال الاكسح
    ?ما هو موقفك من قضية الصحراء الغربية

    اللي ماشي اسمو غاني مهدي ما يجاوبش يرحم والديكم

  9. hi ghani un grand bravo et bcp de courage pour le restant de votre carriere mais ma tjamaach ala cassquetta kain rjell ya si mehdi avec votre carisme et votre votre force de carractere…


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