Accueil Video Humour Funny English in Algeria (just for fun) [DZjoker,Walid,Adel,Fifo Dirty16)

Funny English in Algeria (just for fun) [DZjoker,Walid,Adel,Fifo Dirty16)


Funny English in Algeria (just for fun) [DZjoker,Walid,Adel,Fifo Dirty16)


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  1. What’ss wroong people -_- they can’tt be eating relax they’re just trying
    to give you advice to learn english noo more no less… Ntouma ghir
    7kamtouu 3la tfoul kima 9el firt humaim being speaking english in sahara..
    He is just JOKING

  2. Wowwwww!!! these guys really think that they’re the only ones who can
    speak English… and what a great English by the way!! LOL
    you guys really killed it… you literally butchered the heck out of it…
    I live in the sahara, and i speak waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much better than
    all the three of you combined.
    people in the sahara are really educated and well informed, show some

  3. I am american and I lived in Algeria for almost a year and the guy in black
    speaks very well. It is not easy to learn another language. I was never
    able to learn Arabic during the time I was there. My son picked it up very
    fast. The younger you learn, the better!

  4. aw my god i donno what i am doing here i am realy in mode degouté c non je
    regarde pa sa any way have fun guys mais matezidouche tehabtou des video
    pareils sa n’a aucun sens

  5. You shot this video from where I come from, you have just seen the dudes
    and haven’t met with some Ouargli English speakers, there are plenty of
    them all over the place including the very desert 😉
    copy that!

  6. waw u speak english fluently 😉 lol kima 9al fifo yat3alam yahdr anglais fl
    sahra !! loool so it’s good to learn english but the official language not
    language of the street lol alors bon continuation 


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